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My son and I looking at Positive Ions

My son and I looking at Positive Ions

Eleven months ago my son was born.

I have not told this story outside of my circle of friends & family but this seems to be an appropriate time.

To recap, my quadruple bypass surgery took place in March 2011. At the time I had 90%+ blockages in 4 arteries. I was 40. My wife, Alicia and I met in 2000. We led an active social lifestyle and at the height of the fun we moved to Maui. We were not thinking about having children. The thought and desire to change our lives and add an element of surprise was not present. When we moved back from Hawaii, there were job changes and financial concerns distracting us from the conversation about little ones. We figured there would be time. I don’t remember exactly when my wife stopped taking birth control pills but for a number of years,even without protection, no babies.

We then assumed we could not have children. We discussed the likelihood that we would be the “cool” couple with no kids. I know deep down we were both sad but we kept it way in the back, away from our emotions.

Then in 2011, the shit hit the fan and my health jumped up to the forefront of our concerns.

We made enormous changes post-operation. We changed all the input which created my problem. We removed the gasoline from the fire and educated ourselves on the best course of action to reverse and heal my body.

In May of 2012, a Bikram Yoga studio opened a short walk from our home. My wife was regularly going to classes and invited/dared me to try it. The first class was not easy and I was coaxed into a 30 day challenge. Practicing what I preach, I accepted the challenge and eventually went everyday for almost 60 days. I felt amazing. The yoga, along with the Esselstyn program (plant-based, 10% or less oil), had me feeling the best I felt in years. My wife also did 30 days which coincided with August 1st, our summer vacation.

I will get to the point.

On our drive up to New York from Florida, Alicia and I talked about children. We did not want to go through the process of determining who was unable to produce. I was positive it was me, that my heart disease had complicated my ability to reproduce. I specifically remember us shaking hands and accepting that we would be ok with not having children.

One week later, Alicia became pregnant.

Today, we have a beautiful little boy almost one year old.

I equate it all to positivity.  It was amazing to experience the changes.

Minute course corrections seemed to provide exponential returns. Large corrections changed our lives.

A positive charge attracts and vice versa; a negative charge repels.  I was not leading a well-balanced healthy life.  And the lifestyle attracted a whole host of issues.  Was it a coincidence that our financial stress occurred at the climax of my health issues?  Was it a coincidence that my decision to leave a high paying job was not in some way influenced by the need for more, never being satisfied?  Disease occurs in acidic and inflammed environments.  It does not occur in an alkaline or balanced system.   I could not have children because I was not in a position to create positivity.

Do not underestimate the power of making positive changes in your own life.  All our systems operate in unison.  Health, relationships, money do not function independently.  And contrarian to many ways of thinking, we are not destined by a power that dictates every outcome.  We have all the means necessary to manipulate the outcomes of any situation.  (If you want to use it, for many the pre-destined route is acceptable).


For me, changing the way I managed my physical health was step one.  By focusing more on my body than my mind, I allowed my myself to physical create a positive charge.  That charge in turn, changed my mental state of mind.  By feeling better physically, I felt better mentally and this opened the door to share that positivity with the world; the birth of my son.

My father in law has a theory about positivity.  He is convinced the reason we feel relaxed at the beach is a result of the interaction between the ions in the air flowing across the surface of the water.  The end result is the breeze blows nothing but positive ions across us on the sand.  I like the theory and find the application works in any situation.  As life blows by, breathe the positive ions in and let them take you with them.* 



I dismiss the pre-destined life.  I am now increasingly aware of the effect of my attitude to create outcomes.  This is powerful stuff, tap into it, you will be amazed by the results.




*  I received an email last night from a reader, who explained that I have this correlation completely backwards. Literally, I want to keep the Positive Ion with Positive Attitude in, but scientifically, it is backwards.  So technically, you want more negative ions which really messes with my blog!.  Thank you Dar Dobs.

“super stuff,as is you wonderful book, Ian -but- the ion analogy is backwards,alas:
‘Negative ions are exceedingly beneficial for a person’s metabolism as a means of enhancing human behavior. They act in a complex mechanism to bring about hormone and biochemical reactions in the body and brain…

Positive ions or the lack of negative ions may cause serotonin hyperfunction syndrome or “irritation syndrome” and it involves sleeplessness, irritability, tension, migraine, nausea, heart palpitations, hot flashes with sweating or chills, tremor and dizziness. The elderly become depressed, apathetic and extremely fatigued.
… The full moon increases positive ion ratios, which accounts for the strange and aggressive behavior noted by police and medical services. Studies show that 75% of the population is noticeably and adversely affected by positive ion ratios, while increased negative ions tend to have a calming influence on these same people.

There is an impressive amount of evidence that connects low barometric pressure before storms with erratic behavior. This is a time where the positive ions in the air outnumber the negative ions by a ratio of over three to one. More suicide attempts take place, greater numbers and more serious accidents occur on the highways and in factories, and an elevated incidence of fainting spells seem to beset people. An analysis of the records of some 2000 public school students showed that their “conduct” marks sagged noticeably before a storm…”





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